Welcome TechSideline.com Readers

Welcome readers of TSL to the Hokie Games website. I have a special offer for you fans of the premiere Virginia Tech sports website.

Get free shipping on your order and help out the Virginia Tech Athletics at the same time. I'll also be happy to personally autograph your book.

The book was written for Hokie fans like you, fans who can't get enough about Tech football. It has the story of every game the team played from 1945-2006. You'll get all of the details, all of the memories of 677 games over 62 seasons of Virginia Tech football.

You can read more about Hokie Games here and you can check out some actual excerpts from the book here.

Once you're ready to order, just to the box in the sidebar of any page and enter the quantity you want (for complete ordering instructions go here). Then, on the next screen you'll see a box to enter a coupon code. Just enter TSL and I'll waive the $4.95 shipping and handling cost. On top of that, I'll donate 10% of the proceeds to the Hokie Club to benefit Virginia Tech athletics.

After you proceed to checkout, you'll see a space to enter in personalized autograph information. I'll be happy to make it out to you or, if it's a gift, the recipient (and imagine how nice it would be to have all of your holiday shopping done for every Hokie fan on your list). Just let me know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me at rtandler@comcast.net.

Thanks, and Go Hokies!

Rich Tandler